Introducing the most advanced device for enhancing circulation in patients requiring assisted ventilation, such as those receiving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

The ResQPOD Circulatory Enhancer :

bullet Increases blood flow to the heart and brain
during assisted ventilation
bullet Increases the opportunity for survival and
normal neurological outcome
bullet Is effective with standard CPR or other methods
of CPR (i.e., active compression decompression - ACD)
bullet Works in conjunction with all standard resuscitation
techniques and equipment
bullet Recommended as a circulatory enhancer for the
treatment of cardiac arrest by the AHA.

"Doubling the blood flow during CPR"

CPR Alone   ResQPOD + CPR
Blood Flow to Heart   Greater Blood Flow to Heart
RELEASE: CPR alone delivers approximately 15% of normal blood flow to the heart   RELEASE: ResQPOD doubles blood flow back to the heart

Improved venous return results in increased cardiac output during the subsequent compression phase of CPR, providing greater blood flow to the brain.

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CPR Alone         ResQPOD + CPR
Blood Flow to Brain   Greater Blood Flow to Brain
COMPRESSION: CPR alone delivers approximately 25% of normal blood flow to the brain   COMPRESSION: ResQPOD delivers >70% of normal blood flow to the brain
The ResQPOD selectively impedes inspiratory gases during the release phase of CPR resulting in:
  • Increased negative pressure in the thorax
  • Greater venous return to the heart
  • Increased coronary perfusion
  • Increased blood flow during the next compression


  Immediate Impact Easy to Use Cost Effective Ventilation Timing Lights  
  Blood flow increases within minutes. Compatible with a variety of airway adjuncts (e.g., facemask, ET tube) Rapidly increases circulation without drugs; least expensive way known to save a life. Discourages hyperventilation, which can be deadly during CPR.  

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