The CardioPump® permits the rescuer to actively re-expand the chest during the decompression phase of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Active compression
decompression CPR (ACD CPR) enhances the intrathoracic vacuum (negative pressure) during chest wall recoil, resulting in more blood being returned to the heart (preload). Enhanced preload leads to increased cardiac output on the subsequent chest compression.

The design of the device allows the rescuer to use the same position and compression technique as for standard CPR. The suction cup sticks to the chest and transfers a lifting
force to the thorax. Active chest decompression is obtained simply when the operator swings their body weight upwards
after each compression while holding on to the CardioPump’s handle. Chest compression is accomplished in the same manner as for standard manual CPR by pushing down on the

When ACD CPR is performed in conjunction with the ResQPOD Impedance Threshold Device (ITD), hemodynamics are further improved.

Technical Specifications

Suction cup: 135 mm OD
Handle: 143 x 108 mm
Weight: 0.58 kg (1.24 lbs)

Gauge range:
Compression: 0-50 kg (0-110 lbs)
Decompression: 0-15 kg (0-33 lbs)
Accuracy: ± 10% of reading
Operating temperature range: -20° C to 50° C
Storage temperature range: -40° C to 70° C

Metronome Function
Signal pitches: 768 and 3070 Hz
Sound level: 65 dB at 0.5 m from the sound source
Signal rate: 80 signals per minute
Battery life: Approx. 250 service hours
Battery shelf life: Approx. 10 years

Suction cup: Silicone rubber
Handle: Polyamide (nylon), glass fiber reinforced
Metal parts: Stainless steel, brass
The CardioPump does not contain latex.

Active Compression Decompression (ACD) CPR

ACD CPR is recommended in the American
Hearth Association Guidelines as an alternative
to conventional standard manual CPR.

In-hospital and out-of-hospital studies* have shown that performing ACD CPR:

  • Increases arterial blood pressure

  • Increases coronary perfusion pressure

  • Lowers intrathoracic pressure during the decompression phase of CPR

  • Increases short-term and long-term survival

CardioPump Components:

Suction Cup – provides the suction necessary to actively lift the chest during decompression. A compression pad located inside helps cushion the surface between the chest and the device.
Handle – transfers force from the rescuer to the victim through the piston
Force Gauge – guides both compression and decompression forces
Metronome – guides proper compression/ decompression rate and duty cycle

Survival to 24 Hours - Wolcke et al Circulation 2003

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ACD CPR with an impedance threshold device (ITD) (e.g. ResQPOD®):
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